GPTKit: Detect AI Generated Text v3

Welcome to GPTKit, a free AI text generation detection tool. Are you tired of not being able to distinguish between human-written and gpt-generated text? Look no further! Using multi-model approach, we are able to identify and classify text as either human- or chatgpt-generated. Give it a try!
Note: We use 6 different methods for detection with accuracy upto 93%. First 4096 characters are free for guest users. Register to increase the character limit. For better results, please enter more than 50 words
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why choose GPTKit? GPTKit stands out from other Chat GPT detection tools because it utilizes 6 different AI-based content detection techniques, resulting in higher accuracy. Additionally, GPTKit also provides reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed.

  • The text submitted for detection is analyzed using 6 different approaches to determine the accuracy level. The results including a report on the authenticity or reality rate of the content, are then displayed to help users achieve good and accurate results.

  • Yes!. The first 4096 characters in every request will be free. Register for free to get 6144 characters/request

  • Yes, you can create a team and invite others to join. The credits of your team will be shared across all members.

  • The tool is suitable for anyone looking to check their AI-generated content, including teachers, professionals, students, content writers, employees, freelancers and anyone interested in testing their content for AI-generated content.

  • Currently English is supported.

  • Our detector is trained on 1 Million datasets. Our detector currently has an accuracy of approximately 93%, as determined through testing with a dataset of 100K+ responses from both humans and Chat GPT. Efforts to further improve accuracy are ongoing.

  • We temporarily store the data for processing purposes. Once the detection process is complete, the content is immediately removed from our servers.