GPTKit: Detect ChatGPT Generated Text BETA
Welcome to GPTKit, an AI text generation detection tool. Are you tired of not being able to distinguish between human-written and machine-generated text? Look no further! Using multi-model approach, we are able to identify and classify text as either human- or machine-generated. Give it a try!
Note: We use 6 different methods for detection with accuracy upto 93%. Each check of 1024 characters consumes one credit. First 1024 characters are freee. For better results, please enter more than 50 words
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Free Credits: 0
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why choose GPTKit? GPTKit stands out from other ChatGPT detection tools because it utilizes 6 different AI-based content detection techniques, resulting in higher accuracy. Additionally, GPTKit also provides reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed.

  • The text submitted for detection is analyzed using 6 different approaches to determine the accuracy level. The results including a report on the authenticity or reality rate of the content, are then displayed to help users achieve good and accurate results.

  • Yes!. The first 1024 characters in every request will be free, and your credits will not get deducted

  • The first 1024 characters in every request will be free. We believe that the 25 free credits provide enough opportunity for users to understand the efficiency of the tool and to appreciate its value. However, since GPTKit utilizes GPU's for processing, the running cost of the tool is expensive which is the reason for limiting the free credits to 25.

  • Yes!. You can get 200 credits if you signup for a free account. We also reduce the ratelimits for registered users.

  • Yes. If you represent an educational institution, please contact us to get additional 2000 free credits.

  • Yes, you can create a team and invite others to join. The credits of your team will be shared across all members.

  • The tool is suitable for anyone looking to check their AI-generated content, including teachers, professionals, students, content writers, employees, freelancers and anyone interested in testing their content for AI-generated content.

  • Currently English is supported.

  • Our detector currently has an accuracy of approximately 93%, as determined through testing with a dataset of 100K+ responses from both humans and ChatGPT. Efforts to further improve accuracy are ongoing.

  • We temporarily store the data for processing purposes. Once the detection process is complete, the content is immediately removed from our servers.